Thursday, May 28, 2015

Hello and welcome to my world and to my blog, "living the good life in Perry Park, Larkspur and beyond".

Last year, in order to live closer to family, I moved with all my belongings from the State of Oregon to Denver, Colorado. It took a while, but after many months of searching, I found a home in the small rural municipality of Larkspur and more specifically the even smaller enclave of Perry Park.

Located out in the middle of, well basically, nowhere, this place can hardly be called a "small town" with only a gas station, pizza parlor, bar and grill, volunteer fire department and a few other small businesses I've yet to discover.  I should also mention that the spectacular Perry Park Country Club is tucked away in the foothills.  As you drive down this quite country road and  turn the corner - bam! - there it is in all it's glory.

Small town or not, the Larkspur/Perry Park area is a rural gem hidden away from the vastly developed I-25 corridor stretching from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs.  Close to several golf clubs, hiking trails, big city life (Denver and Colorado Springs), small town life (Castle Rock), the US Air Force Academy, and Pikes National Forest, Larkspur and Perry Park are a country retreat with instant accessibility.  I understand there's even a goat farm in the area and buffalo - I guess I should say American Bison.

Most incredibly, this place in the middle of nowhere hosts the Colorado Renaissance Festival, a medieval fair which takes you on a magical tour through time and legend (their words). The festival runs from mid-June through the first of August, Saturdays and Sundays only, rain or shine.  Among other things (see below), the festival is most famous for their delectable turkey legs.

Having said all the above, here I am - moving into my new home in less than 5 days and feeling wonderfully fortunate to have found this marvelous gem.  There's more to this place than meets the eye and I intend to explore, discover and share the good life.

Please join me and feel free to become part of the conversation.